Crowd-funding for Watering Can


As you likely know (seeing as you’re on my website), a wee while ago I got my arse into gear and recorded my very first album. I’m now happy to announce that I’ve just launched a Hatchfund crowd-funding campaign, in order to finish it up! Follow the link to read all about the project, the musicians involved, the donation perks, and everything we’ve completed so far.

Thanks to the musical efforts of Syberen van Munster (guitar), Lorenzo Kim Sandi (bass), and Nico Dann (drums), we finished up recording at The Bunker Studio (with the help of Aaron Nevezie), and got some sweet photos courtesy of Steph Ziemann, and now in order to finish the album, we need to finishing mixing, mastering, and designing the album art.
With your help, we’ll be able to finish this properly!

I’ve chosen to work with Hatchfund because they’re a nonprofit organization whose mission is dedicated to supporting the work of artists. This service is free for the artist, provides fully tax-deductible contributions, and one-on-one support to me throughout the fundraising campaign. They care that your project gets funded, and as a result have a much higher success rate than some of the bigger, less personal, platforms.

Thanks for your support.