In A Sentimental Mood as played by Hank Jones

Hank Jones is one of my favourite pianists to study and transcribe. He has such mastery over a vast array of harmonic language, that you can find fantastic examples of so many different sounds in his playing. His performance of In A Sentimental Mood (from the album: Solo 1976 A Tribute to Duke Ellington) exemplifies this in that it uses a wide variety of techniques interspersed amongst each other.

Hank Jones

Hank Jones

Check out the PDF of my transcription (from a couple of years ago) below. It contains most of the lines Hank plays (with some simplification), and his chord voicings (verbatim), as well as some of my own analysis of chord substitutions. This track is particularly fascinating, due to the eclectic mix of very different reharmonisation techniques.

You can grab the track on Amazon, iTunes, orĀ Google Play. I’d suggest getting the entire album. It’s worth it.

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In A Sentimental Mood – Hank Jones