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NYC Jazz Record Best of 2015


The January edition of The New York City Jazz Record is out, and I’ve been fortunate enough to have Watering Can included in their Best of 2015 segment, in the debut albums category! You can find a digital copy online via their website (where you can also get heaps of archived copies of the magazine!) or jump… Read more »

Crowd-funding for Watering Can

As you likely know (seeing as you’re on my website), a wee while ago I got my arse into gear and recorded my very first album. I’m now happy to announce that I’ve just launched a Hatchfund crowd-funding campaign, in order to finish it up! Follow the link to read all about the project, the… Read more »

Debut Record (Watering Can)

© Steph Ziemann

Finally. After a fair old period of writing, organising, rehearsing, and plotting, my debut record (tentatively named “Watering Can”) has been recorded, and the finishing touches are in the works. Thanks to The Bunker Studio (and engineer Aaron Nevezie), the musical talents Syberen van Munster (guitar), Nico Dann (drums), Lorenzo Kim Sandi (bass), this record of entirely original music is… Read more »